OpenLRS Tx v1.5

Just another version of OpenLRSng Tx.

  • Open source
  • RFM23BP powered from own adjustable supply
  • Full power of 28.5dBm (700mW).
  • Improved cooling by soldering RFM module to big uninterrupted ground-plane from bottom
  • Atmega328 at 16MHz  powered from 5V, no EEPROM issues as with 3.3V@16MHz
  • True voltage level converters between SPI of RFM and AVR
  • Ready for LCFN-490 filter (with one track cut)
  • Without filter 2nd harmonic at -5dBm, 3rd harmonic -3dBm
  • PPM input buffered and protected (for old radios)
  • Power switch onboard
  • Uses BOARD_TYPE 4 hardware connections
  • Fits in nice aluminum box from Fischer electronics

KOLRSHPTX15 Eagle 6.4.0 files


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