Recently, I have acquired a few professional radios used in taxi service for a good price. Radios are very well made, very rugged and probably very reliable. They are VHF only. Service manual with full schematics and programming software is available.

After searching Internet back and forth for some information and software i have finally gathered all I need and I will share it here.

Programming cable

Original cable is supposed to be ICOM OPC-592. By looking at the schematic I realized it is simple one wire TTL-UART. In the past I hacked together same interface for Alinco DJ-X30 scanner. Here is the schematic:

If you do not have this “FTDI” interface, I would recommend buying one with Silabs CP2101 chipset. That one is least problematic. FTDI and Prolific are often fake chips and driver refuse to work with those.

My ugly hack cable:

If some wants ready made cable, leave a comment and I can make it for you.

Programming (cloning) software

Deep down on the web there was installation files available for download. I believe this software was sold by ICOM, but it is more that 15years old (and still works well on Windows 10). I think no one will be offended if I mirror it here. I consider this abandon-ware.

Do not ask me how to program X or Y, I still do not know. There are many options related to trunk operation in professional segment and I have almost no clue. I was able to program channels to get to my repeater and open VHF channels.

Download the software CS-F1600 CD-221501-003

Service manual

ICOM service manuals do not stop to amaze me. One can learn so much by studying their block diagrams and schematics. It is invaluable to have it. I also own very old ICOM IC-240 from late 70’s and with help of service manual I was able to fix it and make new VFO unit for it!

IC-F1610 Service Manual



8 thoughts on “ICOM IC-F1610

  1. petr

    Zdravím, pořídil jsem icom ic-f1610, bohužel nejde mi programovat, zkoušel jsem co se dalo, nevím kde je chyba, jestli ovládací software, nebo programátor….mám win10 a taky jsem zkoušel na winxp 32bit…
    poradíte mi ? díky

    1. mirek Post author

      Nedokazu takhle rict v cem je problem. Pote, co jsem zapojil svuj kabel bez chyb, vsechno fungovalo na poprve. Chodi mi to na Windows 10 64bit.

  2. Michael

    Hi – I’ve picked up one of these together with the cloning cable and software. I can’t get the software to read the radio at all. I presume the cable goes in the mic slot! Did you experience any issues with it? Cheers

    1. mirek Post author

      Yes, cable goes to mic slot. I got it working without problem. My only issue was, when I assembled another cable for a friend and had wires reversed.

  3. Radek

    Dobrý den přeji. Stanice Icom o kterých zde píšete maji v textu nabídky prodejce (RK,Praha 6) rekvenční rozsah 146-174Mhz. Rád bych se Vás v této souvislosti zeptal, zda jsou konkrétně tyto stanice které Jste zakoupil vhodné pro radioamaterský provoz a jdou teda rozšířit na AMA pásma.. Děkuji za Vaši laskavou odpověď.

    1. mirek Post author

      Radia bez problemu chodi od 144MHz. Na amatersky provoz asi uplne vhodne nejsou. Squelch je nastaven natvrdo pri programovani, frekvence nelze volit rucne, pouze predprogramovane kanaly. To nemusi byt velky problem, maji 256pozic, takze vlastne cele 2m pasmo tam jde predprogramovat jako kanaly.
      Prevadece funguji dobre. Radio je velmi kvalitni, ma pry i peknou modulaci, nenecha se vyvest z miry out-of-band rusenim. Na moje pouzivani staci. Radio je primarne urcene na profi provoz v trunkovych sitich, ne pro AMA provoz. Z toho vyplyvaji jeho nevyhody.


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