I am Miroslav Kolinsky. I live near Prague in Czech Republic. My day job is security systems engineer, I am fixing and installing cameras, proximity card readers and all the tech behind.

Now I work as electronics developer for big company.

Ever since my hobbies was electronics and all the technical stuff.  I’ve always liked to build and  hack things. My earlier projects include mainly stuff with Atmel’s AVR, but before Arduino!

Lately I discovered world of RC models and possibility of transmitting live video feed from model. RC models are nice, but FPV makes them interesting for me. Without it, I would probably never become modeller.

I spent numerous hours on web, searching for ideas, inspiration, help. There are many great sites driven by individuals kindly providing information and photographs about their projects. My goal is to create another site of this kind and help others.

Photo of me:


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  1. Vladimir

    I’m interested in programming of LCD controller based on RTD2660. I have experience in small projects for STM32 using C++ before. I find source code on your website for RTD2660. Could I used it? Could you answer me for which model of controller board is this code? I want to use it as debug board.

    1. mirek Post author

      Yes, feel free to download it and use it. It is downloaded from some obscure Chinese site and I have no further information for it. I have managed to compile it, but resulting binary have not worked. Than I lost interest in that topic

  2. Groove


    i also need to edit the firmware of my PCB800099 and already got some source codes from different sites, but they are always edited. I’m looking for the default oem source code.

    Do you may have it or a link to where it can be downloaded?

    Best regards.

    1. mirek Post author

      Hi, I plan to write a little article about it with download links.
      So far I was able to compile sources for PCB800099, then create my own panel definition, compile again, load and it works. I have plenty of source codes downloaded from various depths of Chinese web.

      1. Honza

        Hi Mirek,

        I’m also keen to hear more about the PBC800099 board. I’ve just ordered one and I already know that I might need an alternative firmware. Even thought my board is very likely going to be configured to match my LCD panel resolution I may want to connect the panel via LVDS header rather than via 50 pin TTL FPC. Also I’d like to get rid of VGA and AV1 input – ideally I’d like to swap swiftly between HDMI for main content and AV2 for reverse cam. Also someone managed to get rid of the blue screen and replace “NO SIGNAL” pop-up with custom logo. Quite a few things possible with this board if you know what and where in the sourcecode and how to compile it. And this is something I can’t get my head around right now. Any hint is highly appreciated!

        1. mirek Post author

          Yes, so much fun projects to work on and so little time. I plan to write short article about the firmware and how to compile it. I found yet another source code on shady site which already has mod to remove the blue screen. Unfortunately it is made from different code base. Actually mod is one line of code. But I have no idea where to put it in working source. I tried several places without success. Maybe you can try.

  3. Marek Ondra

    Zdar. Také mě hodně baví FPV a chtěl bych se zeptat, zda bys mi byl ochoten postavit RSSI antenna tracker na Arduino bázi, nebo cokoliv pro Tebe jednoduchého a funkčního, co nepotřebuje na palubě nic navíc a hledá podle nastaveného videokanálu. Prosím ozvi se mi na email. Předem díky.


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