Monthly Archives: August 2020

Mega power bank (93000mAh)

Friend of mine  wanted really big power bank for his camping. So I made one. I bought brand new Xiaomi Mi 18W Fast Charge Power Bank 10000mAh and took it apart. After removing original cell, whole powerbank was cut by hacksaw. Cutted part nicely fits to 3D printed enclosure. With help of my trusty spot welder I made 1S30P from recycled 3.1Ah Li-Ion cells. Resulting battery is 3.6V/93Ah (330Wh) nominal. It will take some time to charge.. 🙂 For faster charging there is XT60 connector embedded in the case.

C1 Chaser FPV build

Got myself C1 Chaser wing. Built for DJI Digital FPV system. My intention was to buikld it as clean as possible.

  • C1 Chaser kit
  • FC: Matek F405-WING
  • DJI Digital FPV system
  • 30A BlHeli32 ESC
  • Emax analog servos
  • Dualsky XM2830EA-8 motor with 7×5 prop
  • 4S1P 4Ah made from 21700 LG cells.
  • OpenLRS at 868MHz with inegrated balun for dipole antenna
  • INAV 2.5.1
  • EDIT: All Up Weight is 837g

Everything buried inside a foam was carefully CNC milled.

Finished plane:

Photos from build: