I am Miroslav Kolinsky. I live near Prague in Czech Republic. My day job is security systems engineer, I am fixing and installing cameras, proximity card readers and all the tech behind.

Ever since my hobbies was electronics and all the technical stuff.  I’ve always liked to build and  hack things. My earlier projects include mainly stuff with Atmel’s AVR, but before Arduino!

Lately I discovered world of RC models and possibility of transmitting live video feed from model. RC models are nice, but FPV makes them interesting for me. Without it, I would probably never become modeller.

I spent numerous hours on web, searching for ideas, inspiration, help. There are many great sites driven by individuals kindly providing information and photographs about their projects. My goal is to create another site of this kind and help others.

Photo of me:


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Vladimir

    I’m interested in programming of LCD controller based on RTD2660. I have experience in small projects for STM32 using C++ before. I find source code on your website for RTD2660. Could I used it? Could you answer me for which model of controller board is this code? I want to use it as debug board.

    1. mirek Post author

      Yes, feel free to download it and use it. It is downloaded from some obscure Chinese site and I have no further information for it. I have managed to compile it, but resulting binary have not worked. Than I lost interest in that topic


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